Wondering how to keep pet hair off your clothes?

You’re not alone. Pet owners – particularly those with multiple pets – will know that keeping pet hair off of their clothing can be a difficult battle.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at a few time-tested techniques to remove pet hair from your clothes.

Read on, and get the tips you need!

  1. Groom Your Pets Daily & Vacuum Or Sweep Weekly
  2. Don't Overcrowd Your Washer
  3. Use Products To Reduce Static Cling
  4. Keep Your Lint Trap Clean
  5. Use Microfiber Cloth & Shorter Dryer Cycles
  6. Use Lint Rollers

1. Groom Your Pets Once A Day & Vacuum/Sweep Once A Week

The best way to keep pet hair off of your clothing is to keep it out of your washer and dryer. And, if you don't want it in your washer and dryer then you have to try to keep it from building up to ridiculous levels in your home.

We recommend two important steps tp keeping pet hair in your home under control:

  1. First, you should groom your pets once a day. Just a quick, 1-minute grooming session with a grooming brush or glove can capture a lot of hair that may otherwise end up on your clothes, your couches, your carpets, and more.

    This doesn’t take long, and it’s a great way to reduce pet hair buildup while also giving you some bonding time with your furry friends!

  2. You should also do a comprehensive sweep and/or vacuum of your floors at least once per week. You should vacuum all upholstered furniture at this time, too.If your pets spend time on your furniture, chances are that your furniture is a magnet for fur – which will eventually end up on your clothes when you sit down.

    (Alternatively, learn ways to keep your pets off of your furniture.)

    Also, consider investing in a vacuum that's specifically designed to suck up pet hair.

2. Don’t Overcrowd Your Washer When Washing Heavily-Soiled Items

In addition to using a high-quality pet hair removing laundry detergent, you should make sure that you don’t overload your washer when you’re washing items that have a lot of pet hair.


Because all of that hair has to go somewhere!

The more tightly your clothes are packed into the washing machine, the less likely it is that all of the hair will be removed and rinsed away. Some items may not be washed properly, and it’s likely that your washer will not be able to drain away all of the hair – resulting in sub-par results.

Try splitting larger loads into two medium loads. Trust us, this will work wonders when it comes to pet hair removal.

3. Reduce Static Cling With Spray, Fabric Softener, & Dryer Sheets Or Wool Balls

Static cling reduction spray is a great product to use on your clothes before you dry them, as it prevents static electricity from attracting pet hair while your clothes are being dried – and when you wear them afterward.

Fabric softener also helps fight back against static, so you may want to consider adding some to heavily-soiled loads of laundry with a lot of pet hair.

You can also use a product like Bounce pet hair dryer sheets, which are specially formulated to minimize static cling and attract pet hair, preventing it from building up on your clothes. If you don’t like the idea of non-reusable dryer sheets, you can use wool dryer balls.

Do wool dryer balls remove pet hair?

We’ve found them to be quite effective. These pet hair washing machine balls work similarly to a dryer sheet, minimizing static cling on your clothing and allowing your lint trap to collect most of the pet hair. Sometimes, the wool balls themselves will also collect some pet hair.

4. Keep Your Lint Trap Clean

Your lint trap is your greatest ally in the fight against pet hair – at least when it comes to drying your clothes.

Seriously. This little screen will catch the majority of pet hair that comes off of your clothes while they’re being dried. But if it isn’t clean, it won’t work. There just won’t be enough room for it to catch pet hair – which will continue tumbling around your dryer, and will stick to your clothes.

Make sure you clean your lint trap every time you use your dryer. If you have multiple dogs or a load of laundry with a lot of pet hair, consider opening your dryer up halfway through the cycle to clean out the lint trap. Then, simply replace it and restart the dryer.

5. Try Using A Microfiber Cloth & A Short Dryer Cycle For Heavily-Soiled Items

This is one of the best home remedies to remove pet hair from a few pieces of clothing. The way it works is simple.

First, just use a little anti-static spray on the items you need to clean. Then, get a microfiber cloth (or two) wet. Toss your items in the dryer, and run it on a gentle cycle for about 10 minutes. Then, remove the microfiber cloths.

Microfiber tends to become very charged with static electricity, so it will attract the majority of the pet hair. Then, you can simply use a lint roller or pet roller to remove any remaining pet hair. If you have a garment that has a lot of pet hair but that doesn’t need to be washed otherwise, this is a great option.

6. Use Lint Rollers For Heavily-Soiled Items After Washing

As pet owners know, lint rollers are indispensable when it comes to pet hair removal from clothing. While you can use them to touch up the clothes you’re already wearing, they’re also useful when you’re doing laundry.

We recommend using lint rollers as a final step in the laundry process. You can use them to remove any hair that didn’t come off in the washer and dryer. Using a lint roller before cleaning your clothes is a bit counterproductive, since your washer and dryer will likely remove the majority of hair.

Follow These Tips – And Keep Your Clothes Free Of Pet Hair!

These tips are easy to follow and implement into your laundry routine – and are sure to keep your clothes from building up too much pet hair. So start thinking about which tips you can use in your home now.

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