It can be hard to keep your home and your belongings free of pet hair, but keeping your car clean can be particularly tough.


So in this post, we’ve put together a few simple, easy-to-follow tips that you can use to remove pet hair from your vehicle and keep it clean.

1. Prevention Is The Best Medicine

First, make sure to give your pet a good brushing with a brush or a set of grooming gloves before they get into your car. This will loosen up any hair that may otherwise fall out and become stuck on your upholstery, reducing the amount of hair that’s spread throughout your car.

You can also buy a pet seat cover for your car, particularly if your pup has a favorite spot in your vehicle.

These covers are available in a wide variety of sizes, and can fit over your car seat to keep fur, mud and dirt off of your upholstery – and they’re removable and machine-washable, in most cases, so they’re easy to clean.

Don’t want to buy a pet seat cover?

Even draping a towel or blanket over your pet’s favorite spot is a good way to keep pet hair building up on your upholstery – you can easily remove the towel or blanket, shake it out, and launder it to keep it clean.

Keeping your pet in a crate or cat carrier may also be a good idea, particularly if your state requires your pet to be restrained while in a moving vehicle. This keeps them safe, can prevent dangerous situations while driving, and also has the benefit of minimizing the spread of pet hair throughout your car.

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2. Try Using Water & Rubber Gloves

If you have a lot of pet hair buildup, this simple trick may be just what you need. All you have to do is get a spray bottle full of water, and a pair of rubber gloves for dishwashing.

Lightly spray down the interior of your car, and run the gloves over your upholstery. The tacky gloves and the water will combine to pull most of the hair off of your seats quickly and easily.

Best of all, the hair sticks to the glove tightly, so it’s easy to peel off and throw away – you won’t have to worry about accidentally spreading the hair throughout your vehicle.

And, because your hand is flexible and can be bent into a variety of positions – using a single finger to clean a crack or crevice, for example – this is a very thorough and comprehensive way to clean your vehicle.

3. Wipe Down Your Upholstery With Fabric Softener And Paper Towels

If your pet has very fine hair that doesn’t clump up easily, this is a great option to try.

You can mix 1 part of fabric softener to 7 parts of water to create a spray that will help loosen and remove fine hair from your upholstery.

Fabric softeners help loosen fibers and hair in your laundry by eliminating static electricity and softening the material, and they have a similar effect when used on upholstery. The fabric softener will help the fine hairs pull away from your car seats, carpets, and other upholstered areas, and then you can simply wipe them away with a clean paper towel.

4. Invest In A Hand-Held Vacuum For Routine Cleaning

If you really want to make quick work of cleaning your car and removing pet hair, a hand-held vacuum is a great investment. With a hand-held vacuum, you can use a variety of brushes and other attachments to quickly remove hair from even the most hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle.

This model from Black & Decker has a powerful motor, a reusable filter, and a long-lasting battery, and will make quick work of pet hair. It also has a removable flip-up brush that attaches to the slim nozzle to help brush away hair dirt from upholstery, allowing the vacuum to operate more effectively. The nozzle also rotates, so it’s easier to fit into hard-to-reach places in your car.

Another great pet hair vacuum is this Bissell (click the image to learn more about it on Amazon):

Bissell Pet Hair Vaccum
The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is a great affordable handheld vacuum.

Check out our review of the 5 best vacuums for pet hair here

Not ready to buy your own hand-held vacuum?

You can head to a local car wash or gas station with a few quarters to use their vacuum equipment. These permanently-installed vacuum units are very powerful – but it can be a bit inconvenient to drive yourself to a car wash every time you want to clean pet hair away from your car, so it’s worth investing in a hand-held vacuum eventually.

5. Finish Up With A Brush For Hard-To-Reach Hair

If you have fine hairs that still remain on your upholstery and are difficult to remove from cracks and crevices on your seats and other areas of your vehicle, a stiff-bristled brush with a small head is the best tool for the job.

What’s the best brush to use?

Well, an old toothbrush will work very well, especially if you wet it with a mixture of water and fabric softener. But if you want to invest in the right tools for the job, this cleaning set from OXO is a great choice. It includes two small brushes with ergonomic grips and stiff bristles – ideal for getting fine hairs out of hard-to-reach areas.

Follow These Tips – And Keep Your Car Clean And Free Of Pet Hair!

Pet hair seems like an inevitability – but with these tips and tricks, you’ll find it’s easy to remove pet hair from your car, and prevent it from building up in the first place. So think about what you’ve learned, and purchase the supplies and tools you need to keep your vehicle clean – while also keeping your furry friends happy!

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